The ACAF Difference

Filtration Specialties, Inc. installed an ACAF fire suppression system because it offered the best available protection for our employees and equipment at a reasonable cost. We apply a range of flammable liquids to fabrics in an open pan while our employees are in close proximity. We needed a suppression system that would be effective in quickly extinguishing a fire without any agent exposure concerns for our employees or the environment. Our ACAF system performed as expected on the two occasions when we have had flash fires in the past 4 years. Their ease of recharging allowed us to then quickly and economically have them on-line again within a matter of minutes. n
Michael Swink
It is clear from the results that CAF pourer application using this particular Fluorine Free Foam is very effective at the rates tested on Jet A hydrocarbon and can flow distances of at least 40m and still provide extinguishment of fuel and sealing against hot metal surfaces.
Dr. Niall Ramsden
Coordinator of LastFire
It is confirmed that the combination of good CAF foam using a good Fluorine Free Foam concentrate provides levels of fire protection equivalent to or better than the levels from a conventional foam application at lower application rates.
Dr. Niall Ramsden
Coordinator of LastFire
You can put a very good quality foam blanket on top of that fuel that will last a long time because it has a very slow draining time. It gives you a safe environment to work in and prevent further fires. After seeing how [the ACAF BOSS-60 CAF system] performed, it is clear that this type of self contained equipment can provide great backup to service/maintenance crews for preventing ignition of spills by quickly applying a thick and long lasting foam blanket over the spilled fuel.
Felipe Hanhausen
Industrial Firefighter
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