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Remote Mixing Chamber – RMX

For CAF generation it is essential that the travel distance from the mixing chamber to the applicator be kept to the tested allowed measure. In some applications it is not possible to locate CAF generators within the allowed measured distance. When this is the condition ACAF has a solution called the RMX or Remote Mixing Chamber. This CAF mixing chamber is a compact extension of the Mx, MxD and MxC CAF generators. By repositioning the CAF mixing chamber using the RMX it is possible to place the device within the bund area of a fuel storage tank without concern of the effects of fire on the assembly.

Each RMX will be manufactured to meet the flow demand of the application device it does serve.


  • Fireproof
  • Ideal for use with CAF foam chambers
  • Ideal for use with CAF monitors in large fuel storage farms
  • Allows for a closer position of the CAF generator to hazards
  • Shorter CAF delivery pipelines
  • Fast system operation

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