Mx CAF Generators

Superior Product & Competitive Prices

ACAF® pre-engineered fire suppression systems are made up of single or multiple Mx CAF generator assemblies. This factory built assembly is sized to the number of nozzles it may supply. Larger hazardous areas can be protected by combining multiple CAF generators. CAF generators may be supplied by pressure tanks for self-contained supply systems, or a foam proportioner for a fixed water supply system. CAF generators are available in two assemblies. These modules can support 2 to 32 CAF nozzles. Our systems use lower water flow and pressure as compared to traditional foam water systems, thus our systems may be designed for applications with as much as 75 % less water demand.


  • Effectively suppresses flammable liquid fires in commercial, industrial and hazardous environments.
  • Engineered to meet and exceed the most stringent industry standards.
  • Creates a unique, non-toxic, biodegradable foam, from a foam-water solution.
  • Pressurized Nitrogen creates CAF, and powers the system.


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