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HC (High Capacity) CAF Firefighting Units are designed for CAF application via; monitor, foam chamber, or hand-held hose lines. Specially designed HC CAF units may be tailored to the customer’s needs. Each unit is engineered to be complete with all necessary CAF components so that all that is required for operation is a water supply. Mounted on a skid base these units may be positioned as skids or fixed to a truck bed to be portable as a fire truck. A compressed air supply is designed to meet the demand of the CAF generator that may be driven by an independent diesel engine or it can be powered by the truck engine. High quality CAF can be distributed by an onboard monitor, or hose line, to remote fixed or semi-fixed applicators.

HC CAFs units are available in 300, 600, and 800 versions, with the ability to customize for your specific needs. May be mounted on a skid, truck or trailer depending on the application(s) to be served.

HC CAFs units are available with flow rates of 500 gpm, up to 1,200 gpm (measured as water flow not finished foam) and can produce 10,000 – 15,000 gpm finished foam.

HC CAF is provided with an on-board foam proportioner and foam concentrate supply. These units are ready for quick response and are the perfect solution for today’s FFF application on bund and full surface tank fires. CAF may be delivered by monitor for tank or bund firefighting. Or on CAF delivery via foam pourers with semi fixed full surface or rim seal systems.

HC units may be designed to meet the individual demands of the facility. Units can be made for universal application with multiple options.

As with all ACAF firefighting equipment, ease of operation is critical. Our CAF mixing chambers are made to deliver the highest quality CAF; first time, all the time. No adjusting of air supply or water pressure just simply fight the fire, not the equipment.


  • Simple operation with one command to start and one to stop.
  • Works with Fixed pipe or semi-fixed applicators.
  • Custom built for one or more applications.

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