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Control Valve Assembly -CVs

When there are hazard areas that are equal in size and demand, then it is possible to design a CAF system using one CAF generator and a Control Valve Assembly (CV). In such a system design the CAF generator will produce the amount foam required for one hazard area then direct it to a CV for further direction to the hazard area that is demanding. This system design is only allowed when all hazard areas are of equal size and demand as the CAF generator may be set for just one flow rate.

A CV assembly is a directional device who’s function is to direct the finished foam of the CAF generator to the one hazard area that is afire. Each CV is an assembly of shutoff valves. A 24 VDC solenoid valve will open the zone control valve when delivered a power signal from a release panel. The one hazard or zone that has the fire condition will, via the Alarm / Release panel, send this signal to the corresponding solenoid valve thereby opening the control valve that allows the finished foam to then travel to the system in demand.


  • Pneumatically controlled
  • Provides fire suppression to targeted zones
  • Ideal for properly distanced power transformer substations and battery test stations
  • Ideal for properly distanced oil storage tanks and chemical storage rooms


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