• No fixed water supply required.
  • Rapid fire extinguishment and superior reflash protection is achieved from a well-designed system that provides a thick cover of CAF quickly over the hazard area.
  • System design may be deluge or fixed spray.
  • Multiple FM Approved CAF Nozzles Systems, including DN-7 pendant and HDN-5 horizontal.
  • CAF Monitor system uses point or area nozzles spray.
  • CAF Foam Pourers systems fixed pipe or semi-fixed pipe.
  • CAF generators are sized by ACAF System, Inc. to meet the system demand based upon pre-engineered, FM Approved design rules.
  • Systems may be designed for 5 or 10-minute discharge time; and longer.
  • Piping is the same as used in automatic sprinkler systems no special materials are required.

Automatic CAF Fixed Pipe Systems

Self-Contained (SC)

The Automatic CAF Fixed Pipe System is perfect for fire protection of special hazards that involve flammable liquids and environments with no fixed water or a poor water supply. A self-contained CAF system is made possible largely because CAFs have a lower ROA than conventional foam systems. Using the power of CAFs makes the design of self-contained systems commercially practical and physically possible. With either pre-mixed foam /water solution tank, or, water tank and foam proportioners, a system may be created without the need for a fixed water supply. For locations without a reliable water supply, this solution answers the need with a FM Approved solution.


Fixed Water Supply (FW)

The Automatic CAF Fixed Pipe System is perfect for fire protection of special hazards that maintain reliable water supply and involve flammable liquids. In the design of any fire suppression system water supply, demand is one of the most critical points. Many foam conventional foam systems will require fire water booster pumps to meet the high flow and pressure demands for these systems. A fixed water supply CAF system will require as little as 75% of the water demand that a conventional foam system uses. This is because the CAF ROA is 75% less than conventional NFPA design standards. 


The piping network designed by an ACAF Systems, Inc. licensed contractor is connected to an automatic SC CAF generator assembly sized for the hazard. By connecting additional CAF generator assemblies, large areas may be protected. Installation of the piping system and materials must be in accordance with ACAF System, Inc.’s design manual.

Heavy Off-Road Vehicles

Fires have the potential to occur in just about every type of vehicle engine compartment ranging from a below engine pool fire to a pressurized hydraulic line spray fire or combination thereof. Engine compartments contain a variety of potential ignition sources from electrical to superheated engine surfaces. Additionally, an engine compartment suppression agent must also be capable of dealing with suppression in turbulent conditions. It is critical that these fires be detected and suppressed rapidly to minimize property loss and, potentially, loss of human lives.


Choose Your Solution

ACAF Systems provide Florine free industrial fire suppression systems. ACAF can adapt our high-performance CAF delivery systems to any professional environment. 

CAF Generators

Mx CAF Generators

Industrial Scale Suppression


Remote Mixing Chamber

High Capacity CAF

High Quality Foam for all applications


DN-7 Nozzle

High Volume

High Volume

Floor Integrated

Zone Control


Control Valve

Special Systems

CrossFire ™

CAF System for Heavy Off-Road Equipment


Automatic, self-contained CAF for Floating Roof TAnks

Fast Flood

With CAFs it is possible to eliminate, or at least reduce the size of, fire pumps. In addition to reduced water demand, CAFs also reduce fire water containment size. Less in, equals less out, so the lower ROA of CAFs brings improved system design. Fixed Pipe systems may be Self-contained or Fixed Water Supply Systems. Heavy Off-Road Vehicle systems are Self-contained.

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