Big - BOSS

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The BIG BOSS firefighting units combine the high performance of CAFs with the fire smothering power of PPK.

Bringing together the two most powerful firefighting agents for flammable liquid fires is what BIG BOSS does in a way no other manufacturer has done before. With ACAF’s unique CAF mixing  chamber this unit make the highest quality CAF in the market today. Combine this high-quality CAF with PPK in a delivery system that is designed for ease of operation. Nothing is required of the operator other than to start the system and engage the fire. No adjustment of air supply or water pressure is needed. Simplicity is the best word to describe this unit’s design. It also is how ACAF approached the refilling needs for the unit. All controls and refilling ports are positioned at the rear of the skid to make refill as simple as possible.


  • 100 gallon CAF supply w/ 400 Lb Dry Chem supply
  • Dual Agent Hand Held Hose Nozzles for simultaneous discharge of CAF and PPH
  • Electric re-wind, 100 ft dual booster hose reel
  • Carbon or Stainless Steel construction
  • Custom Made Units Upon Request

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