• Quality that is second to none in the industry.
  • Tested to professional industry standards.
  • Industry leading performance in Florine-free foam (FFF) quality through the entire CAF discharge cycle.
  • Environmentally safe, Green, Fluorine Free Foam.
  • Compliant Technology.


  • Patented mixing chamber yields consistent high- quality finished foam from start to finish.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Maintain a safe distance during fire-fighting with up to 60 feet of range.
  • Optional corrosion resistant stainless-steel tank eliminates the cost and maintenance for offshore applications.
  • Stainless Steel flex tubing resists deterioration from ultra-violet rays.
  • Premium stainless-steel gauges will not fail due to corrosion.
  • Chip resistant zinc-based paint inhibits corrosion.
  • Skids are constructed of high-density polyethylene to provide longer life and durability in various environments.
  • Proven to be the more effective firefighting method, our systems utilize Nitrogen gas as the primary offering. (Air bottles are available upon request).

Choose Your Solution

ACAF Systems provide Florine free industrial fire-fighting equipment solutions that range from portable wheeled units, up to High Capacity Compressed Air Foam (CAF) generators. ACAF can adapt our high-performance CAF delivery systems to any professional environment. Our fire-fighting products; BOSS, EZ 123 and HC, are all designed to provide the highest quality, ease of operation CAF firefighting solutions available today.


Hand Held Hose CAF Firefighting Equipment

EZ 123

CAF Firefighting Equipment


Dual Agent CAF/PPK

CAF Handheld Hose Systems are ideal for firefighting needs whenever foam is the firefighting agent.

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