CAF has the following advantages over many existing fire suppression systems:

  • Not harmful to the environment
  • Improved re-flash protection
  • Does not require sealed rooms to be effective
  • Will not cause death to persons in hazard area
  •         Requires extensive clean up after activation

CAF is a foam system that uses compressed gas to expand the foam at significantly higher ratios, and with a smaller more uniform bubble resulting in better coverage, as compared traditional low expansion foam systems.

  • It is more efficient and less damaging than water
  • It is safe for humans and the environment
  • It is easy to clean up after discharge
  • It has excellent “re-flash” protection
  • It reflects radiated heat and holds vapors
  • It reduces the surface tension of water helping to penetrate surfaces which normally repel water
  • It cools and clings to a variety of surfaces
  • It is effective in both low and high temperature climates. 

Ten Years

Systems may be designed for a variety of applications from mobile to fixed hazard; and a variety of threat sizes, using pre-assembled automatic generating devices.

A wide variety of industries and fields benefit from our products: industrial and manufacturing situations; marine including commercial, government and private boats; mining sites; aviation (both onboard and ground sites); oil & fuel facilities and transport vehicles, and more.

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