Case Study

Industrial Application: Filtration Specialties, Inc. Company, Taunton, MA

Filtration Specialties, is the world leader in the production of fiberglass felts for the filtration industry. It required a fire suppression system for its dip tank applying a protective coating on textiles.

Existing fire suppression systems/agents were rejected for being harmful to workers and/or the equipment and use of an inadequate fire fighting agent.

ACAF Systems was chosen due to foam’s superior fire fighting characteristics for flammable liquids, safety features and the ability to engineer a system to fit the space at a reasonable cost.


Filtration Specialties, Inc. installed an ACAF fire suppression system because it offered the best available protection for our employees and equipment at a reasonable cost. We apply a range of flammable liquids to fabrics in an open pan while our employees are in close proximity. We needed a suppression system that would be effective in quickly extinguishing a fire without any agent exposure concerns for our employees or the environment. Our ACAF system performed as expected on the two occasions when we have had flash fires in the past 4 years. Their ease of recharging allowed us to then quickly and economically have them on-line again within a matter of minutes.

Michael Swink, President | Filtration Specialties, Inc. |  South Hill, VA