The U.S. Fire Administration conducted a series of studies and test fires and found that a CAF hose line is significantly lighter and easier to handle than a conventional water line. This is because the foam in the hose is mostly air.  MORE CAF FACTS


ACAF® Systems Automatic Fixed Monitor Systems are systems designed to distribute CAF automatically or manually over a hazard area. Water-powered oscillating monitors or fixed monitors are connected to a fixed piping network that may be activated by an automatic fire detection system or manual released. Activation of the detection system triggers the CAF generator to start creating CAF and will simultaneously open a control valve that will start solution flow to the monitor creating the sweeping motion that distributes the CAF. Monitors are positioned to cover the entire hazard area with CAF.  Oscillating Monitor Systems are ideal in aircraft hangars and heliports.


Our systems are available in either a self-contained or fixed water supply configuration.

Self Contained Supply, Automatic, Fixed Pipe System (SC)

The SC configuration is recommended for areas where water is not readily available. This automatic, pre-engineered, stored energy-type, fire suppression system uses CAF as the fire suppression agent. Unique to the industry, it does not require a water supply to create CAF.

Fixed Water Supply, Automatic, Fixed Pipe System (FW)

When a reliable water supply is available a CAF solution may be designed using ACAF’s® fixed water supply system. This system requires a foam proportioner to mix foam concentrate and water to a pre-determined ratio of 3% or 6 %.