Tested, Certified & Engineered to Last
Five (5) Year Warranty (Offshore units)
Proven Technology
Stainless Steel Tank, Fittings & Frame (Offshore units)
Will Not Fail When Needed




The U.S. Fire Administration conducted a series of studies and test fires and found that a CAF hose line is significantly lighter and easier to handle than a conventional water line. This is because the foam in the hose is mostly air.  MORE CAF FACTS


Superior Compressed Air Foam Systems Lead the Firefighting Industry into the Next Generation of Clean,  Reliable and Innovative Foam Fire Suppression.

Designed for applications that demand dependable fire fighting equipment for Class A and Class B fires. 

  • Quick response compressed air foam fire hose produces CAF quickly and efficiently.
  • Quality construction offers years of dependable service and the best ROI in the industry.
  • Constructed of steel, the tank and frame are painted with an industrial finish to further protect from corrosion.
  • Stainless steel construction available for offshore applications.
Boss 60 Gallon Wheeled Unit WHEELED UNITS

*Available in 30 & 60 gallon units.

• 30 Gallon – produces 360 gallons of finished foam.
• 60 Gallon – produces 720 gallons of finished foam.
*Available in BOSS

 BOSS 60 Gallon Skid Mounted Unit
  Skid Mounted Units

• Available in 30, 60, 120, 240, & 500 gallon units
• 30 Gallon – produces 360 gallons of finished foam
• 60 Gallon – produces 720 gallons of finished foam
• 120 Gallon – produces 1,440 gallons of finished foam
• 240 Gallon – produces 3,000 gallons of finished foam
• 500 Gallon – produces 6,000 gallons of finished foam




  • Patented mixing chamber yields consistent foam from start to finish.
  • Optional corrosion resistant stainless steel tank eliminates the cost and maintenance associated with emptying and inspecting for rust on the inside of the tank for offshore applications. 
  • Steel flex tubing resists deterioration from ultra-violet rays.
  • Premium stainless steel gauges will not fail due to corrosion.
  • Chip resistant zinc-based paint inhibits corrosion.
  • No mixing of metals – avoids interaction between the metals themselves and the foam agent.
  • Skids are constructed of high density polyethylene to provide longer life and durability in various environments.
  • Proven to be the more effective firefighting method, our systems utilize Nitrogen gas as the primary offering. (Air bottles are available upon request).