ACAF® Systems Automatic Compressed Air Foam products are designed and manufactured exclusively in the USA by ACAF® Systems.

Quality standards of manufacture are strictly ISO 9001:2008 with ASME certification as required for all pressure retaining components and PED, IBR, GOST, certifications available by special request. Our products are distributed worldwide.



What people are saying about Compressed Air Foam (CAF)


  • The U.S. Fire Administration conducted a series of studies and test fires and found that a CAF hose line is significantly lighter and easier to handle than a conventional water line. This is because the foam in the hose is mostly air.
  • National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) in Boise, Idaho, showed that 90% of water used on test fires failed to extinguish because the water did not penetrate the fire.
  • NIFC also did a study and found that in the state of Oregon, 75 cents of every dollar paid in fire claims was the result of water damage.
  • A test by Salem, Connecticut showed that CAF is 480% faster at cooling than plain water when applied at the same rate.
  • CAF stream having a 33% greater reach than water or Class A foam, firefighter safety is greatly increased.
  • Six fire departments that currently use CAF stated that they had an average reduction in water usage ranging from 26% to 35%. Property loss reductions ranged from 16% to 25%, with one department reporting 36%. All six departments responded that they would purchase a CAF system again and wished that the purchase had been made sooner. They also stated that improved firefighter safety and faster knockdown are benefits to both the department and the firefighters.


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 Proven-Effective-Powerful     Tested - Certified - Engineered to Last

ACAF® Automatic Fire Suppression Systems are proven to effectively
suppress flammable liquid fires in commercial, industrial and hazardous environments. They are engineered to meet and exceed the most stringent industry standards. ACAF®Systems perform when and where they are


Superior Compressed Air Foam Systems Lead the Firefighting Industry into the Next Generation of Clean,  Reliable and Innovative Foam Fire Suppression.

Product Line Specifications 

At the heart of each ACAF® system is our world renowned, Compressed Air Foam Generator. This generator creates a unique, non-toxic, biodegradable foam, from a foam-water solution. Pressurized Nitrogen is used to create the compressed air foam (CAF) and to power the system.

ACAF® pre-engineered fire suppression systems are made up of single or multiple CAF generator assemblies. This factory built assembly is sized to the number of nozzles it may supply. Larger hazardous areas can be protected by combining multiple CAF generators. CAF generators may be supplied by pressure tanks for self-contained supply systems or a foam proportioner for a fixed water supply system. CAF generators are available in four assemblies: MOD -1 thru MOD- 4. These modules can support 2 to 16 CAF nozzles.

Our systems use lower water flow and pressure as compared to traditional foam water systems, thus our systems may be designed for applications with as much as 75 % less water demand.  

Our specially designed and patented valve assembly creates the CAF upon activation and maintains control of the system. The result is an expanded foam material that consists of small uniform bubbles. 


Our systems are available in either a self-contained or fixed water supply configuration.

Self Contained Supply, Automatic, Fixed Pipe System (SC)

The SC configuration is recommended for areas where water is not readily available. This automatic, pre-engineered, stored energy-type, fire suppression system uses CAF as the fire suppression agent. Unique to the industry, it does not require a water supply to create CAF.

Fixed Water Supply, Automatic, Fixed Pipe System (FW)

When a reliable water supply is available a CAF solution may be designed using ACAF’s® fixed water supply system. This system requires a foam proportioner to mix foam concentrate and water to a pre-determined ratio of 3% or 6 %.




Firefighters, Building and Vehicle Owner/Operators and Engineers that are looking for reliable foam fire suppression, turn to ACAF® Systems to effectively suppress fires in most any industrial environment. Engineered to meet & exceed the most stringent firefighting industry standards, ACAF®Systems perform when and where they are needed!


The premium ACAF® product line is available in 20, 30, 60, 120, 250 and 500 gallon sizes. Choices of Skid or Wheeled Extinguisher configurations. Available in custom sizes upon request including fully automated systems at 1000 gallon capacities or larger. Specifically designed for most any worldwide environments,  ACAF® Systems are completely constructed of stainless steel to eliminate the need for costly environmental covers or periodic, component refurbishing.  Learn More

Choices Include

20 Gallon Wheeled System,
240 gallons of finished foam 

30 Gallon Wheeled System,
360 gallons of finished foam,
Skid optional

60 Gallon Skid System,
720 gallons of finished foam,
Wheels optional

120 Gallon Skid System,
1440 gallons of finished foam,
Multi discharge option,
Wheels optional

250 Gallon Skid System,
3000 gallons of finished foam,
Multi discharge option,
Wheels optional

Custom systems, such as the 500 Gallon Skid System, or systems with up to 1000 gallon capacity, can be configured upon request. As an example, a 500 Gallon Skid System would include the following basic specifications: 

500 Gallon Skid System,
6000 gallons of finished foam, Multi discharge option, Skid version only.