March 22, 2013, Coventry, Rhode Island … ACAF ®Systems PFS- Fire Suppression Group recently received FM Approval for their Fixed Water Supply Suppression System.

Automatic CAF, pre-engineered fire suppression systems are available in both Self-Contained (SC) and Fixed Water Supply (FW) design.  Both are FM Approved for Special Application Fire Protection. According to COO, David Munroe, “The Automatic CAF Fixed Pipe Spray System is perfect for fire protection of special hazards that involve flammable liquids.”   Applications include emergency generators in hospitals and high-rise buildings, chemical storage facilities, fuel transfer stations, and more.

A fixed pipe network designed to ACAF Systems pre-engineered standards is connected to an automatic self-contained or fixed water supply CAF Generator, sized for the hazard. By connecting additional SC or FW CAF Generators, large areas may be protected. Installation of the piping system and materials must be in accordance with the ACAF System Design Manual.

Rapid fire extinguishment and superior re-flash protection is achieved from this well designed system.  Special nozzles are specifically designed for distributing compressed air foam to specifically provide a thick cover of CAF over the hazard area. System design may be fixed spray, deluge or monitor, nozzles may be installed from 6 to 49 feet for hydrocarbons; 40 feet for polar solvents.

We can provide a compact solution for larger applications as well. A FireDos proportioner pump will provide a wide range of proportioning. Fixed Water Supply Systems with CAF may be created for multiple hazards with only one proportioning pump.  Electricity is not required.  Activation may be by pneumatic or electric detection or both.

Factory Mutual Approved compressed air foam delivery system manufactured by ACAF Systems provides a total package for effective fire suppression.


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