ACAF Systems manufactures portable Fire Fighting apparatus using Compressed Air Foam. Our systems are designed for fast suppression.  The CAF apparatus is self-contained easy to use. It is designed to be stationary or mounted on a pickup truck or it can be towed behind a small vehicle.

The ACAF Fire Fighting Apparatus are perfect for municipal or private airports that don’t have a need for firefighting capabilities on site. This equipment can help to save lives by containing the fire until the local fire department can arrive.

Depending on the location, studies show the expected response for an engine company is 7 to 10 minutes. The ACAF portable CAF Fire Fighting unit can buy time in fire emergencies and make a critical difference.


The heavy machinery required to process and transport materials used in iron and steel production, for example, is subject to some of the most severe conditions in any industry.

Temperatures reaching 2000° F introduce tremendous fire hazards to equipment and personnel. Most manufacturing processes also often involve the use of highly flammable materials.


Aux. Transformer - During Discharge

Aux. Transformer - After Discharge