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   ACAF Solutions!-5-Minute Power Shot ...After nearly exhausting a supply of dry chem fighting a pipeline fire in Mexico for 37 hours, Firefighter Felipe Hanhausen arrived with the ACAF Boss 60 CAF firefighting unit to save the day.Read the full story in Industrial Fire World
[Article from Industrial Fire World



Clean, Reliable and Innovative Foam Fire Suppression and Fire Fighting Systems. 

ACAF Systems Automatic Compressed Air Products are designed and manufactured exclusively in the USA by ACAF Systems. Quality standards of manufacture are strictly ISO 9001:2008, with ASME certification as required for all pressure retaining components and PED, IBR, GOST certifications available by request. Our products are distributed worldwide.

FM Approval Video


Aux. Transformer - During Discharge

Aux. Transformer - After Discharge


The Power of our Fire Fighting Systems. This Demonstration of the Boss 60 Gallon Skid was conducted at the Best Fire Training Facilities in Beaumont TX.

This video demonstrates the power and capabilities of our Fire Fighting and Suppression Systems.

Our Fire Suppression and Fire Fighting Systems utilize patented, groundbreaking fire suppression technology from ACAF.  Powerful, efficient, and environmentally sound, ACAF compressed air foam fire suppression systems will fight and effectively suppress special hazard flammable liquid fires without the need for a fixed water supply or for electricity. Powerful, efficient, and environmentally sound, ACAF (Compressed Air Foam Systems) can fight special hazard flammable liquid fires, without the need for a fixed water supply or electricity.

ACAF Pre-engineered Fire Suppression Systems are used in commercial, industrial, and hazardous environment, and are engineered to meet and exceed the most stringent industry fire suppression standards. ACAF automatic fire suppression systems are in use throughout the world, providing effective fire suppression where needed in the Oil & Gas, Industrial, Marine, Mining, Aviation and Military Markets.

ACAF Fire Fighting Compressed Air Foam Systems provide the fire fighting industry with the next generation of clean, reliable, and innovative foam fire suppression. They are completely constructed of stainless steel, in order to eliminate the need for costly environmental covers, tanks, fittings, frames, or periodic component refurbishing. They are available in custom sizes, up to and including fully automated systems at 1000 gallon capacity or larger; with either skid or wheeled extinguisher configurations.